Cultivating deeper conversations

Are you sometimes frustrated after having a meeting or conversation with someone? Do you at times feel that something is not "quite right" in your personal relationships? That you are aware of issues, which you don´t dare to address?

We offer a way of communication that makes it possible for people to understand each other at a deeper level, allowing for real connection to happen. The quality of such an interpersonal connection makes it possible for people to achieve more together, while they feel respected and taken care of.

Who we are

We are Sonia Herrero and Martin Bruders, two coaches and facilitators with many years of experience accompanying teams and individuals through their personal and professional journeys. Our focus is to pay attention on both the content of what people want to achieve as well as the way they are with each other. We believe that when we come together to discuss or agree on something, it is always about people being in contact with people. Becoming more aware of that interpersonal space and the importance that it has when we work and live together is something that deeply matters to us.

What we offer

We support people for whom the quality of their collaborations and professional relationships matters as much as what they achieve together. Through our questions, mirroring, honest feedback and diverse communication tools, we support teams in becoming aware of the relationships they currently have, and the types that they would like to have.

We offer long-term support to teams, facilitation, one-on-one conversations, communication training, and both individual and team coaching.

When you are right with us

When you find that certain professional relationships are difficult and drain your energy

When you find yourself disillusioned in team meetings, unable to shake the feeling that what is being discussed is not going to ultimately make any deference

When you have the feeling you´re not being heard or understood by the other person

When you have the feeling that you´re having the same arguments over and over, going around in circles

When you are feeling stuck in a rut, be it personal or professional, and crave a new perspective

Clients about us

"I have come to understand my business partner regarding various important points, and vice versa, so we have again found common ground."

"A massiv thank you to Martin and yourself for hosting and creating such a beautiful space. It was a testament to you both to manifest such intimacy amongst strangers. I had many enriching experiences and would love to be part of a future event."

"I will definitely recommend you. You have transformed our hopelessness into a new perspective."

"I especially appreciate the care and sense of safety that is transmitted though you."

Our approach

We support people in enhancing the quality of their interactions through a more conscious and mindful communication.

What determines the quality of our communication and of our relationship is not only what we say - the content or "IT" - but also how we say it and how we listen to what is being said. We support people in becoming more aware of their inner experience, i.e. thoughts, feelings, assumptions, that determine how we respond to things and people.

So that we learn to distinguish clearer at any time between the IT realm - the content of what is being discussed, the I realm - what is happening in me as an individual while we discuss and the WE realm - the way in which we interact with each other, the quality of our relationship.

We do so through Mindfulness Communication

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