The Team

We both find it advantageous to work together since the processes in which we get involved tend to be very complex and require a myriad of skills and qualities difficult to have in just one person. Besides bringing the masculine and feminine qualities, we also bring different perspectives to our work, combining a deep and profound understanding and care for the individual and its inner world that comes from Martin, with a more structured and goal oriented approach as compared with Sonia. The Spanish lightness and joy and the German depth and seriousness create a very vivid and rich combination that is beneficial for our clients.

Sonia Herrero

What describes me best is a profound longing for coherence between that what matters to me, my inner life, and that which I create and live outside. That longing has accompanied me throughout my long professional career, keeping me in constant movement and endless learning.

I started my career over 15 years ago as a lawyer in human rights. I spent many rewarding years working at the European Commission, before joining several international organizations.

Most of what I experienced in those organizations did not satisfy me and thus I decided to create my own company that provided training and support on project management, communication, project design, leadership, and many other topics that I had to also learn myself.

Over time I came to realize that an increase knowledge about how to do things wash´t making the difference I was longing for, and that I needed to go deeper. That brought me to my coaching studies and numerous similar courses, which allowed me to get to understand myself and my inner world better and, though that, be able to understand others and support them in their own personal and professional journeys.

Martin Bruders

For over 25 years I worked as a comedian on stage, performing at over 2,000 corporate events and on TV, winning numerous prizes with my partner. Besides feeling gratitude for this wonderful time, there always remained a sense of dissatisfaction in me.

10 years ago I started a personal search in the outside world as well as in my inner world. I took several courses in the field of communication, became an innovation-coach, and began to meditate intensively - always looking for more consistency between my inner experience and the outer world. Thus I was able to learn a lot about myself, about people and life itself; about deeper patterns that steer our behavior. Also, I was always looking to share my experience with others, learning from them and allowing others to learn from my own findings.

In my work as a coach and trainer, it matters to me to support people to achieve greater coherence so that they can increasingly be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Clients about us

"I have come to understand my business partner regarding various important points, and vice versa, so we have again found common ground."

"I will definitely recommend you. You have transformed our hopelessness into a new perspective."

"I have the impression that we are now communicating with one another again and not against each other or last each other. And your contribution was enormous, Thank you very much!"