Clients about us

"I have the impression that we are now communicating with one another again and not against each other or last each other. And your contribution was enormous, Thank you very much!"

"Assertive, sensitive and structured. Challenging and productive."

"It is admirable to experience how much you can see and precisely mirror back to me."

"The space in which we both entered into during our joint meeting was very healing and responded to a great longing of mine to create something new."

"You complement each other very nicely and it is always amazing to see how fast intimacy and closeness between people can occur."

"You have offered a space in which I felt comfortable to show myself as I actually feel. That allowed me to gain and develop what I needed the most out of the group. I am deeply touched and grateful for this experience."

"I especially appreciate the care and sense of safety that is transmitted though you."

"I have come to understand my business partner regarding various important points, and vice versa, so we have again found common ground."

"A massiv thank you to Martin and yourself for hosting and creating such a beautiful space. It was a testament to you both to manifest such intimacy amongst strangers. I had many enriching experiences and would love to be part of a future event."

"I will definitely recommend you. You have transformed our hopelessness into a new perspective."