What we offer

4-Hour PowerPack                         


The perfect setting for facing challenging conversations between two people - business partners, colleagues, relatives or couples - who, in a particular area or topic, are stuck and unable to make progress on their own.

The four of us meet and after two individual coaching sessions, we come together in a conversation that allows each partner to feel more understood and accepted by the other. Once the inter-personal connection between the two persons has been established again, it is possible for them to find new solutions to the issue that was at stake.

Time needed: 4 hours - Price: 400 €

Interactive Taster Presentation: Mindfulness Communication

We come to your office and deliver a two-hour interactive presentation on how you could, as a team, improve your collaboration by communicating in a more conscious way. People get the opportunity to find out, through practical examples and exercises, what mindfulness is and how it could benefit them individually and as a group. 

Time needed: 2 hours

Team Development

We accompany teams in the process of becoming aware of who they actually are as a team, and figuring out how they need to work together in order to be able to achieve more with less effort and more personal satisfaction. Our approach is tailored to the needs of your company and includes a combination of team coaching, one-on-one facilitated conversations, and individual coaching.

Compact Feedback

Your team meets - We observe

We come to one of your team meetings and observe how you communicate with each other, looking at the quality of the relationships between team members. We then provide the team with honest and constructive feedback in terms of where we see them right now, and their potential for more cohesion and constructive work.

Time needed: 2 hours - Price: 250 €

Training Courses

We offer training courses on Mindfulness-based Communication for teams and individuals. The courses are designed to help people become more aware of their own needs, feelings and thoughts and to bring them in contact with other people. People also learn how to become more aware of the quality of the relational space, i.e. the space that we create between us and the people we are in contact with. An increased awareness of ourselves and of our environment is a significant contribution to more clear and rewarding communication.

We come to your company to deliver tailor-made courses and we also organize them ourselves.


We offer facilitation of meetings, retreats, and workshops during which we support teams in achieving their content-related goals while ensuring that all participants feel respected and supported by the team. Through our method, people are encouraged to become more aware of how they are being with each other and how that affects the work that they want to do together.

Individual Coaching

Each of us offers individual coaching sessions in order to support our clients to deal with any personal or professional topic in which they may feel stuck. We provide support through our questions, honest feedback and observations, in order for you to gain a new perspective on things and be able to evolve.